Monday, August 23, 2010

Building a Suggested Settings Matrix

One of the things that would be helpful to all of us would be to have a matrix of settings that eCraft owners have found that cleanly cut every size of every shape on the Fundamentals 1 SD card included with the eCraft with the most commonly used papers.

I suggest starting with some average weight cardstock between 50 lb to 110 lb (135 to 300  g/m²).  For myself, I have decided to test 65lb/176g/m² since I can find these weights in abundance at relatively low cost.  Higher weight papers will add another factor, the number of multicuts.  I don't expect to need multicut with this weight.

What we may want to do is to parse out testing of individual shapes.  There are a lot more test subjects on the Fundamentals 1 SD card than first meets the eye with ALL the sizes for ALL the shapes are counted.  Some shapes will be very easy.  The heart, for instance, can be cut at 5" or 1/2" from 65lb/176g/m² at the same setting of:

Density: 0
Pressure: 1

On the other hand, it took a bit more experimentation to find the right setting for Tree #1 at 3".  In this case, it took a setting of:

Density: 2
Width: 2
Pressure: 6

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