Thursday, August 26, 2010

Great question about the Blade Cover on the eCraft Facebook Page

On eCraft's Facebook page, Bernie Elsome-Jones, from the UK, asked this important question.  "Do you remove the blade cap before cutting?

I remove the blade cover because I want the video to be able to capture what is happening as the eCraft cuts.  But, that can be a bit misleading as it suggests that users should also remove the blade cover before cutting.

The eCraft support staff immediately gave her this reply, which all of us needed to know definitively.
eCraft by Craftwell Bernie and Tom- You should ALWAYS cut with the blade safety cap on EXCEPT when trying to cut a thick material like foam that won't fit underneath the trolley while the cap is on. Removing the cap during regular cutting can cause tearing, so we recommend leaving it in place!
There we have it, many thanks to Bernie.  Nice job!

What in the world did we do before we had the contributions of users from around the world helping all of us learn and grow?

Maybe because this post is about a world-wide community asking questions and finding answers it might be a good time to thank the followers of this blog.  Followers is probably a poor description for the value they bring to the success of the information that this blog can provide to those interested in digital die cutters with computer interfaces.  Every comment and suggestion for a test that you make moves us that much closer to our goal of getting the full value out of our tools.  THANK ALL OF YOU!

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