Thursday, August 26, 2010

Keep Checking The Craftwell Site

As they get time, and feedback from customers, the Craftwell team seems to be updating their web site to include more useful information.  I don't know if I just missed it earlier or it's a new addition.  But, on their "Tips and Tricks" page they now list some important information about cutting lighter papers and also have included some starting pressures for various papers.

One of these suggestions is to use a moderately heavy piece of cardstock under lightweight paper and use just enough pressure to cut through the first layer of paper.  I'll try that this evening and let you know how it goes.  I have a variety of lightweight papers that I've avoided trying until I had some hope of their being cut correctly most of the time.  This will be a good test. 

There is one modification that I will add.  I think I will tack the two pieces of paper at the botton with 3 small pieces of tape so that the lightweight paper is stretched securely over the heavier paper.  In this way, the lightweight paper should be less likely to bend against the blade.

I'll try it both ways and let you know.  I'll also try switching video cameras this evening.   NOTHING is more convenient that the Bloggie.  But, that constant hunting for focus is driving me crazing and I'm sure you are as annoyed as I am when it happens.  It's one thing to create quick and not-so-slick videos to get the information out and quite another to be just plain annoying about it.  It's my job to tease and annoy my family' but, it's NOT my job to tease and annoy you. 

And... speaking of annoying.  My granddaughters decided my iPhone was boring.  So, they downloaded some great games on it.  The only problem is that they also PLAYED the games, racking up a high score that is IMPOSSIBLE for poor PopPop to ever hope to achieve.  So, every game ends in another failure to put my name at the top of the high score list leaving me to realize that I'm no match for a 10 and a 7 year old!  NOW do you see why it's my job to annoy them???  Revenge!  Sweet Revenge!

OK... enough of my whining... back to work discovering the beauties of the eCraft.

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