Monday, August 23, 2010

Bazzill Basic Shapes (Circles, Squares, etc.)

I purchased a 100 sheet pack of Bazzill Basic Paper Premium Cardstock (CoreDyed) to test because I've been told that this is a commonly used paper for crafts.  I thought I would take the opportunity to test various shapes with this paper and see how it performed not just on a few shapes; but, ultimately with EVERY Shape available with the eCraft's Fundamentals #1 SD card.

I plan to use a size of 3" when I can with the following settings.

SIZE = 3

Here is the first set that I cut this evening.  Every one of them cut cleanly.

Here is the second set in this series.... Notice that some make use of the pen.

This is the last of basic shapes at 3".  I'm not going to drive myself crazy by trying to lay down the shapes neatly for scanning because when I close the cover they all move anyway!  So, you'll have to put up with the chaos.

I started cutting these shapes with a used blade that showed signs of light tip wear and did not change the blade.  So, I'm impressed by the fact that all the cuts look so nice.  There were NO failures.

I did NOT have the same success with the next series of cuts using the swirling figure set.  I lost my key to the shapes, so I'm making up names as I go along.  I will be changing blades before moving on to the second series of cuts which I will post tomorrow.

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