Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Bazzill Swirling Shapes

This next set of test cuts presents more challenges to the eCraft than the basic shapes.  These challenges come in the form of sharply reversed directions and more intricate paths.  When possible we set the size to 3".  But, the smallest available for some of the shapes is 3-1/2" and even then we had to find the right tab density and tab width to make a clean cut.  The settings were:

Tab Density = 1
Tab Width = 1
Multicut = 1
Size = 3" and 3-1/2" (Depends on smallest available)
Pressure = 4

Here is the for group in this set that we'll examine.

The lighter shapes were all cuts made with a Tab Density of 1 and Tab Width of 1.   All were successful except for the shape in the lower right corner.  This shape failed twice at the very same place each time when using the Tab Density of 1 and Tab Width of 1.  It's interesting that the place where it failed didn't seem the most challenging area of the cut.  So, it must have to do with the direction of the path.

But, as you can see by the red shape right beside the failed cut, just changing the Tab Density to 2 and the Tab Width to 3, the cut was successful.  This is the first time that we had to increase tab values with Bazzill paper.  And, oddly enough, it was not with the tiniest or most intricate shapes.   Very interesting.

By the way, clicking on the image should allow you to view the full size version so that you can see the tab remnants.  There is no doubt, that left as they are when the shape is separated, they can be seen even when the tab settings are low.  I find it acceptable. But, some might not. It should be noted that the tabs are easily burnished off. I don't remove them for these tests so that you can make up your own mind about whether or not they are something with which can accept.

What was interesting to me was that I can't see MORE tabs on the red shape as one would expect.  Nor, do they look at that much bigger.  But, it was more difficult to separate from the base paper, so SOMETHING was different.

This next set includes one shape (Wings) that failed on the first attempt at Tab Density of 1 and Tab Width of 1.  But,  at the second try it was successful and clean.

The final set in this series included a shape that failed twice at Tab Density of 1and Tab Width of 1.  When this happens I adjust the tab settings.  I've included both the failed cut and the successful cut.  The red shape, therefore, was successful at Tab Density of 2 and a Tab Width of 2.

I'm gaining more and more confidence with cutting shapes with Bazzill paper.  I have not changed the blade since starting the original Basic Shapes set and it was a used blade then!  Some of these shapes, I would assume would be challenging with ANY cutter.  Again, the tabs don't bother me; but, they are clearly visible in some of the shapes and that has to be a consideration for some.

I hope this is helpful to demonstrate the kind of performance that one can expect with the eCraft with something like Bazzill paper.

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