Saturday, August 28, 2010

Positive news on Core'dinations ColorCore

There is a reason why a community is important.  And, nothing can illustrate this better than my previous article and this one.  I had demonstrated that one COULD cut thin papers with the "Tips and Tricks" recommendation from Sara at Craftwell.  But, my use of the highest tab settings did make it difficult to remove the piece.  Nicki, on the other hand, found that you could cut with a setting of NO tabs.  That was as good news to me as it was for you.

Right on the heels of that we have another great find by Denise at Purple Paper Paradise

I had little success with Core'dinations ColorCore.  It turns out that the type of  Core'dinations ColorCore that I'd tried is a challenge.  But, many other Core'dinations ColorCore colors and styles worked quite well. 

What I like about her article is that she shows us the good, the bad and the ugly as she tests each paper.  Not only that, but she gives us the settings that she used to get the results that she's reporting.

Even if you don't use Core'dinations ColorCore, I'd urge you to jump over there and read her review as her testing technique would be helpful with ANY paper.

Denise's Core'dinations ColorCore Tests

One more step forward in understanding our eCraft machines.  Don't you love it!

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