Sunday, August 29, 2010

Purple Paper Paradise is SMOKIN'!!!

It's a good thing that Craftwell decided to put a heavier duty motor in the eCraft before it was released.  Otherwise, there would be one smoking machine with a red hot motor at the home of Purple Paper Paradise.

Since Denise, over at Purple paper Paradise,  got her eCraft she has been keeping the motor on her machine spinning in overtime with her great tests of the cutter with many types of paper in many different configurations.  Wait until she gets her air conditioning bill!  LOL!

Denise's ultimate goal is to create the ultimate eCraft Settings Chart of the widest variety of materials available.  And, she's asking for your help, too.  You can find her contact information on her site so that you can report YOUR tests with your favorite papers and materials.

Purple Paper Paradise eCraft Settings Chart

Another person that is going to have a high air conditioning bill trying to cool a smoking machine is Julie Flanagan (CraftyMusician).  You'll find that she has contributed many of the settings in the chart. Thank them both for a terrific chart format that includes special notes for each paper.

And, if you want to find the place where people like Denise and Julie hang out, then hop over to the eCraft_Crafters Yahoo Group.  Kim Bush of Cutters Creek has done a great job of bringing together eCraft owners and potential eCraft owners to provide support and ideas for each other. 

If YOU have a site where you are reporting your own testing or if you have posted videos please let me know so that I can make sure everyone knows about them as quickly as possible.  The faster we get to know our eCrafts, the sooner we'll be able to have more fun with them and the more we will be able to do.  I don't mind people leaving my site to get the information they need.  I make the same money from this site either way... which is precisely nothing!   :)


Denise O'Connor said...

Thanks Tom! I really appreciate you helping me get the word out. Already we have the start of a great chart, and I hope that it only improves. And did you have to mention my air conditioning bill? It is going to be high enough this month as it is with the heat we are having! LOL!

Tom Meeks said...

Hey! You're the one heating up the place with all those extra cuts!

Like I said, just be glad they decided to go with that heavy duty motor! Shooting video with smoke pouring from the machine would have been REALLY tough! LOL!

Denise, I am MORE than happy to send people your way. Your fabric tips are just a few of things that have helped me.