Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Craftwell (eCraft) is updating the information on their web site

Things are heating up over on the Craftwell eCraft site. Craftwell has been adding more content, including more pictures and we should also see some additional videos on their web sites soon.

I had a feeling that they were pretty busy over there, trying to get ready for the CHA show in Rosemont and getting the first units out the door.  But, now it looks like they are able to turn their attention to getting more detailed information out to the marketplace.

So, check out the web site at http://www.craftwellusa.com and from there hop on over to their twitter and facebook pages.  One of their links on the Facebook page takes you to a ChicGalleria.com article with some better images of the dresses created by Suede and a bit of background from the designer.

Again, I don't want this blog to turn into a mindless regurgitation of any manufacturer's press releases.  But, when I see new information I will certainly point you toward it.  And, I see new information on their web sites.


The MOST encouraging news of the Craftwell web site is that they have added a link to register your eCraft.  It either means that they expect immediate arrival of at least SOME machines or they are masters of the smoke and mirrors game.  While I am just wary enough to not toss out the latter, I'm gonna go with the former reason for adding the link.  I'm guessing that the machines are, in fact, in the distribution pipeline and nearing delivery to end users.  Uh... at least that's my inclination for THIS week.  Ask me again next week, if one doesn't arrive at my retailer's door by then.

So, here is why I am giving them this week.  We were told some units were flown over.  We DO know that they had to clear customs.   We don't know how long that process might be.  And, we don't know where the machines landed.   In any event they had to be trucked from the port of entry to a warehouse somewhere.  They could have one or they could have several warehouses.  And, they had to be in-processed in order to be out-processed to distributors.  Who then had to in-process the machines so that they could be out-processed to retailers.  Since we don't really know distances that they had to travel I'm willing to give them at least a couple of weeks just to get these things from the port of entry to the distributors.  If they did better than that I would really be surprised.

But, if it goes beyond next week.  Then watch me start getting a little bit surly.  Remember, I worked with a video game company called Astrocade.  And, ANYBODY that worked for Astrocade KNOWS the old smoke and mirrors game.  We showed the "Add-under", that was to turn our video game machine into a computer, for YEARS and not a single one every reached a customer.  In that case, I'm afraid to say, it turned out that I was one of the smokers instead of being one of the smokees!  I certainly didn't want to be.  But, we just never got it done before the bottom fell out of the game market.

The only way to keep from being a smokee is to keep the potential smoker's feet to the fire.  So, trust me, I'm good at gathering wood when the time finally calls for it.  LOL!

But, for now let's just enjoy the additional information being posted on Craftwell's web site.

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