Thursday, September 2, 2010

Stuttering When Trying to Cut SVG Files.

Nothing is more critical to us now then being able to import and cut SVG files.  In my TRIAGE list it is right at the top.

Hopefully, the behavior that many, if not all, of us are experiencing when trying to cut a shape that was imported as an SVG can be fixed very, very quickly.

Here is a video that demonstrates the problem.

My operating system is a Windows 7 - Ultimate (64-bit) and you can see the driver that I'm using in this article.

If you are having similar problems with a different operating system, or NO problems with cutting SVG imports, PLEASE let us and the software designers know by posting a comment.  THANKS!

NOTE:  I have NOT seen this behavior with eCraftshop's internal shapes.  So far. I THINK it's limited to SVG files.  I'm importing SVGs from Inkscape both in Inkscape and Regular formats.


Paula said...

Hi Tom,

I get the stuttering on imported SVGs too. I've found it always starts but then went really slowly and then stutters and just plain stops at the same point on each cut.

With the craftwell fundamentals svgs, when I cut them from the software the cutter goes very slowly and has a 'shuddering' effect. My cuts are tearing at some points this way and on others the cut start and finish points don't meet! I dont know if the shuddering is causing the paper to move irregularly hence the cut thinks its got to the end but hasn't, or if its a problem with the software/machine.

Bernie said...

Hi Tom

Ditto everything said so far! I am having problems placing the design in the right place to get it to cut in the right place on the paper anyway as I don't have any 12 x 12 stock so wasn't sure if I was actually causing the issue. But now I see it's not that. The shuddering is quite "severe" (for want of a less "severe" word!!) I feel and you can clearly see the blue light flickering indicating an unclear cut each time event though I am using the same stock that cuts beautifully direct from the machine.

I might add as I have said before I am using Vista and also that the drivers downloaded with the software failed to install so my PC found the best driver for the job (when I have more time or the other half is home - I will locate the file and let you know what it is).

Hope this is of some use!
Bernie x

Ruthie said...

Hiya Tom
Not getting any stoppage or stuttering! Have just gone in and cut a file with two flowers in - it did it beautifully! They were both in one inkscape file and worked fine! I have recorded it on my mobile (so it will take a while to upload to youtube!) but I will whizz back with the link to the video later. I will also put the cutting file (if I can) and photos of the cut onto the yahoo group for others to try if they wish. And will link the video over there too!

I think it IS the drivers! But then I have no technical knowledge whatsoever, so it could just be that I had corn flakes for breakfast this morning!


Ruthie said...

Hey Tom - and anyone else - the cutting file and photos are on the yahoo groups page.

It will be interesting to see if it cuts on anyone else's machine - if not then we might be getting closer to a diagnosis!


Ruthie said...

Here is the youtube link!

Tom Meeks said...

Thank all of you!

Ruthie, I will be unable to test the file until about 2:00pm Eastern Time. In the meantime, if you can find out the particulars on the driver that was loaded that would be wonderful.


Denise O'Connor said...

Hi Tom,

I have not done a lot of cutting with the software yet, but I have not experienced this problem yet. I have had a cut where the starting point and ending point did not quite meet, they were about 1/16" apart. That SVG was one that I downloaded so not sure how it was created. I did also cut an SVG that I created in MTC that cut great!. I wonder if there is an issue with files created in certain softwares, but this could also be a driver issue too. I will do some testing on all of this here this afternoon and report on what I have found. I will also test cut Ruthie's file to see what I get there.


Tom Meeks said...

I'm certainly hoping that it is the way certain programs create their final SVG file.

I know, for instance, that Funtime had a problem with the latest version of Inkscape; but, not with previous versions.

SVG files are actually XML text files. So, the ORDER in which things are written to the file or the basic underying XML document they are using may makle a huge difference.

If you can email me and send me the file that worked it would be a huge help in determining if this the cause.

I will post the analysis of the comparison in an SVG that does not work with that of one that does work.

ingridskaartenhuis said...

Hello Tom,

I have get my E craft yesterday. I want too play with it today. I download the drivers en de software.
I have already cut some shapes without the pc. But when i get the activation code and i want too paly and cut, it didn`t work.
I want too cut a shape from my design card funda mentals 1.
I get the same error like in your video.
I hope you understand me.

Will you please help??

Greetings Ingrid

Ruthie said...

Hey Tom - I got it to stutter and stop! AND it cut little circles onto the design too (someone else on the group mentioned this happening).

I used someone else's SVG file - it was REALLY intricate! And it cut ok to start with, but then started cutting a small circle! It cut ok and then did it again! After about 5 circles it then just sat there juddering and then stopped altogether!

Am going to go and cut something basic again now!

Will post pics of bad cut on the yahoo group.


Ruthie said...

...sorry, forgot to add that it sounds more like the file then than the drivers! I can get it to cut my inkscape SVGs but not the other more intricate cut - I guess I need to go back to the same site and try something basic!


Bernie said...

I've posted on the facebook and desparate to join the yahoo group but the verify email page is down!!! Frustration is getting the better of me here and I am usually such a patient person!

OK - so now EVERYTHING is tearing. Both fundamentals1 images direct on the cutter, from the PC, imported SVGs from different sources. I've mastered paper placement (Thanks Ruthie x) but now lost the ability to cut at all.
I've replaced blades, played around with tabs and pressure and papers/card - NOTHING works!
Is it possible the cutting place has become damaged through all my trialling? I can't see anything obvious?
I really could do with some help - I am about ready to throw this out the window! Does anyone know where I stand with regard to refunds if I continue to have zero success?
Whinge over guys xxx

Bernie said...
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Tom Meeks said...

Bernie, and all. I have set up an email for Create & Cut so that we can ha more direct interaction with problems, etc.

I don't mind posting it here and elsewhere so that you can contact me without overloading my other account.


Obviously, replace the -at- with @. :)