Saturday, August 28, 2010

New Video from Nicki's Cardstock Creatons shows Intricate 2" Cut

Nicki, at Nicki's Cardstock Creations, has stepped up the testing on light paper with intricate cutting to find that she could cut WITHOUT TABS!  In my tests, I had gone in the opposite direction and INCREASED TABS making the shape more difficult to remove.

Her test should be VERY GOOD NEWS for a lot of people in the fence about the eCraft!

Once again, it was Nicki that did the test and created the video, so she deserves to have you watch it on her site.  So, I will just link to it here:

eCraft - Using Pattern paper and small detailed designs

I KNOW that shape and I was very surprised by her result.  That is a significant video!  Nice going Nicki!

We should mention that Sara of Craftwell provided the basic dual layer approach.  We simply tool it two different directions while confirming Sara's advice.

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