Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Crafting is STILL a lot more fun than Lawyers

Tonight, I removed the eCraft from the table beside me to make way for a 24" printer that I need to make exhibits for what should be the final hearings in the epic battle we've been waging regarding my in-laws guardianship and, now, estate.

My father-in-law passed away in January.  While it changes the nature of the battle to protect my in-laws, it didn't change the need to keep going for at least a bit longer.

I didn't remove the eCraft from its accustomed place because I plan to permanently abandon it.  But, right now it's a victim of the need to set priorities.

If we win the next two court cases, we expect it to all be over for a while.

If we lose, then we expect my sister-in-law to keep fighting until the estate is eaten up by lawyer's fees.  And, the odd thing is that I don't think she will ever see any of the money she craves because her lawyers will get it first.  Greed, it appears, kills the area of the brain that thinks logically.  And, bitterness stuffs rationality down into the deepest hold imaginable.

So, until we see the end of the saga, cutters, cutting and crafting lie beyond the limits we have in a 24 hour day. 

But, it not all been in vain.  I have learned to appreciate the value of planning for those days when we lose the ability to plan.  And, I've got an even greater appreciation of the wonderful gift of my own parents and siblings in the context of my parent's aging and deaths.  I've probably already written this somewhere.  But, my parents were gracious in life and equally gracious in death.  That may seem an odd thing to one that has not watched a parent decline to the point of death.  But, sooner or later all of my readers will know exactly what I mean by that sentence.

I WILL be back.  You are a great group of people and I could NOT stay away forever.

You probably will not hear from me again until after the March hearings.  Hopefully, I will be a happy camper on my return.  :)