Monday, August 30, 2010

Ultra-Ultra-Ultra Thin Papers!

This image might not impress you at all.  If not, I will understand.  But, it was amazing to me because I'd held this tissue thin paper in my hand before I tried to cut it.  It flopped around like a Kleenex.  First, the settings and the method.

Method - Thin paper over card stock
Tab Density = 1
Tab Width = 1
Pressure = 2
Size = 3

"Tom", you say, "That's TERRIBLE!"  And, rightly so.  But, wait, we're not finished yet.  Did I tell you that this paper is as thin as Kleenex?  I did?  Good.  Did I tell you it was like Kleenex with splinters?  No?  Well, it is.  It's a magnificently difficult paper.  And, the eCraft was able to cut it, first try, this far.

So, what happened?  The thin paper moved.  Not to worry.  We'll just tape the bottom of the tissue to the bottom of the card stock and try again.

That was the ticket.  Now, I am REALLY impressed.  You see, I had a Pressure setting of 2 and that was perfect for the paper itself.  But, it was a little low for the twigs or string or whatever is embedded in that paper.  Because I had Tabs set to 1, it was natural that I yanked out some fibers at the tab points.  So, if I had another sheet of this paper, I'd try it with NO tabs and a pressure setting of 3.

But, what of a less challenging shape with the same tabs and pressure settings.  How'd it do?

I am, once again, going to say that I am super impressed that the eCraft could cut this wispy thin tissue-like paper.  If the lightness of the paper wasn't enough of a challenge, the fibers IN the paper just added to the challenge.

The paper was from Joanne's and it's manufactured by The Paper Company.  Mulberry White 10001-040.

I call this one an impressive success.  But, don't forget to tack the thin paper to the card stock at the bottom with a little piece of tape.

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