Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Some hopeful news about Chipboard.

I had no success at all with the material that was sold to me as chipboard.  None.  The blade didn't even penetrate the surface.  So, I was relieved and happy to learn that another user DID have success with chipboard.

Here is what Julie (CraftyMusician) had to say on the Yahoo eCraft_Crafters group.

Chipboard that is 0.022 thickness, white on one side, does not feed via the paper tray. Manual feed through the front, and set multi to 3. It cut through cleanly on the third pass. It was set to cut tabs, but there were no tabs connected after the third pass. I also cut the star with no tabs without a problem. I was impressed with the multiple passes all cutting in the same place. I did have to clean the debris off of the blade after cutting each shape. One time chipboard fibers clogged the opening in the blade cover, and it wouldn't cut at all until I blew on it to clear the opening.
Julie's review covered a wide range of things that she's discovered in her exploration of the eCraft.  I had not even thought to review proportions until Julie found that the square is not square!  That is the wonderful thing about communities, each of us brings a different perspective to the table and everyone benefits.  I urge you to read her full review on the eCraft_Crafters Yahoo group.  I expect to learn a lot more from her and others in the group as more and more machines are delivered to people with experience.
I find the eCraft_Crafters group, moderated by Kim Bush of Cutters Creek, is the most active group of eCraft users and we're learning a lot as more and more people are beginning to test their new machines.  I urge you to join this group if you own or are interested in the eCraft.

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