Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Am I analyzing this eCraft SD Card right?

Idle hands (read NO eCraft here yet) leads to active minds.  But, active minds might not lead to anything!  They just might be crazy.  And, around here, that is ALWAYS a definite possibility. 

Case in point...  the new "Sports Life" SD chip for the eCraft.

My mind THINKS it is able to discern some things about the eCraft by looking at this image of the contents of the Sports Life SD card.   Here it is:

The hat, football, boat aren't all that interesting in terms of telling us anything.  But, look at the hockey sticks, the fencing sword and the balance beam.  There are some REALLY fine lines in those figures.  And, the polo mallet has some sharply formed corners.  Even the anchor and fish hook seem to say that the eCraft might be able to turn on a dime and the lack of a mat doesn't mean cruder cuts.

Of course, they could be cutting wide or limiting the replication to very large sizes.  But, if I were going to test the eCraft with an SD chip, I think this is the one I'd consider using.  Maybe I'll start with a burning basketball.  Those of you that have used digital cutters know better than I if my idle hands have led my easily amused brain astray.  So, let me know what you think, if anything, this SD image map might mean for the eCraft's performance.


Denise O'Connor said...


Good observation! In my experience with the Cricut, I have learned not to be deceived by the image cards of cartridges. I have found that sometimes, things can only be cut at the larger sizes. These are images that are very detailed, and it also depends a lot on what you are cutting such as cardstock, vinyl, etc. From the videos we have seen, we have been told that Craftwell has set a minimum size for each image, so that we don't waste time trying to cut something at 3" when it can only realistically be cut at a minimum of 4". I would be very curious at what the minimum cut size is for those images you pointed out. I certainly hope that these images can be cut at smaller sizes, but until we get our machines, I won't be able to analyze this. I am getting anxious!

Tom Meeks said...

That was helpful, Denise.

One of my goals is to expand the usefulness of digital cutters to new applications with potentially different demands than has been customary. One of the areas in which I've been talking with people requires very square cuts within 1/8th inch or so.

Think about cutting out something the shape of matches that have to be precisely squared at the ends. Or, cutting a hole into which a match can be perfectly fit.

I'm wondering what the limits might be for the smallest practical size for a squared hole.

I won't be trying to compare the eCraft with another digital cutter. I'll be pushing the eCraft's limits for their own sake and then, working FROM those limits, trying to come up with applications that can be met by those limits.

But, even so, it's helpful to have people that HAVE had other cutters that can apply their experience with reality. So, as I said, your comments about the disconnect with previous cartridge maps with the actual cut figures is VERY important to know.