Friday, August 6, 2010

The Momentum is Building!

The first eCraft units are now at distributers.  The eCraft IS REAL!

I should have mine sometime next week.  So, I won't have to get surly!

I hear that the wait will have been worth it.  Here is what Kim Bush of the Cutters Creek online store had to say over on the eCraft_Crafters Yahoo Group.

And although everyone is probably all thinking.....................get on with it already....................(I know I do at!) you are really going to be much more pleased with the newest generation..................and once it hits the market, the rest of the introductory packages will sell out like wild fire!

I like the fact (and this is small in the grand scheme of things) that if I want one quick cut, I can grab my paper and stick it in and just cut! I don't have to fool around with finding a sticky mat, and then prying it off the mat...............all of my mats need reconditioning, so my die cutter is lonely right now until I refurbish them :)

But, that isn't all!  In that same group Denise spotted the most recent sales video from eCraft up on the Purple Paper Paradise blog. It was posted on Vimeo by Rhett Bice

eCraft Product Demo from Rhett Bice on Vimeo.

Now you know why I consider Purple Paper Paradise a "Noteworthy" blog!  They are right on top of things!

The closer the delivery date gets and the more we see of the capabilities of the eCraft, the better I like it.  So, I'm willing to put my money where my instincts tell me to go.  So, I've ordered a second machine.  Now, THAT should tell you what those instincts are telling me about this new product.  This one is going to be a winner.  I can feel it in my bones.  And, remember, I'm not even an avid scrapbook devotee.  I see what it can do for that community.  But, it does NOT stop there.

By the way, speaking of the scrapbook community, don't EVER let the 'fine art' world tell you that you are not true artists.  I have seen amazingly beautiful work as I've poured through your sites and scoured for information about cutters and cutting.  I have seen the art and the artistry that permeates the scrapbook community.  And, I love it.  Am I going to do it?  No.  I'm too lazy.  But, do I appreciate that YOU do it?



Denise O'Connor said...

Thanks for the shout out Tom! Wow a 2nd machine! That is so great, I am sure that you and your daughter are going to create some amazing things and I cannot wait to see them!


Tom Meeks said...

Thanks, Denise. I don't know how amazing anything I create is going to be. But, I can promise weird.

Who else do you know that intends to cut out light modifying filters for their microscopes?

Go to and search for CF_Stentor400x and you will see the type of light modifier I have in mind.

DMBM said...

Thanks so much for your testing on the eCraft. I've ordered one, but not sure when it's due to arrive. What was the thickest media you cut through successfully?