Saturday, August 21, 2010

Bazzill Basic Paper and Recollections Kraft

People have asked me to test various papers and if I am able to find something that sounds like what they mean, I will do it.  I THINK I picked up the right paper to test and if I did then those that asked me about them are going to be VERY pleased.

I picked up both packs of paper from Michaels, so if they aren't the ones that you were interested in, please let me know and I'll try again.


The first is Bazzill Basic Paper, core dyed, textured Premium Cardstock.  I'm happy to report that this paper cuts perfectly at pressure setting 8.  My guess is that I could have gone to 5 or 6; but, I started at 8 with multicut set to 3 and ended up not needing multicut at all.  The eCraft makes a perfect cut in one pass.  We cut leaves and trees.  And, of course, the infamous 3" tree was on the list to try and it passed with flying colors.  In fact, we did not have a single failed cut.


I'm guessing that there are any number of weights of kraft paper.  So, I'm less confident that I found the exact one that the person who requested it wanted tested.  I found Michaels' Recollections Cardstock Paper Kraft at 65lb/176g/m2.  Like the Bazzile, it cut beautifully in the eCraft.  And, again, that included the ever popular 3" tree.  A variety of shapes were cut and there were no failures.

We also cut some other papers; but, I will have to talk about them in my next entry.  I need to go back to the store and find out the manufacturer of the papers we cut today.  My granddaughters wouldn't even let me keep the scraps!

I will say this, we cut metalic papers and some very, very heavy glitter paper and did not have a single failure in many, many cuts.

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