Monday, August 30, 2010

White Linen Weave - Medium Light Weight

This paper is made in Germany for The Paper Company.  It's a luxurious linen finish with a pearl like quality.  It can be purchased through Joanne's.  it's called White Linen Weave.

The Settings:

Method = Thin paper over a card stock stabilizer
Tab Density = 1
Tab Width = 1
Pressure = 6
Single Cut

I first tried this paper alone, without a stabilizer and it failed to cut properly.  I then mated it to a card stock stabilizer with a pressure setting of 2.  It cut clean; but, failed to cut clear through.  A pressure setting of 4 was better.  But, still was not cut through in all areas of the shape.  A pressure setting of 6 did the trick and the cut was beautiful.

BUT... there are those tabs... So.... I wonder... could it?  Would it?  We just GOTTA go for it!

TAB DENSITY = 0  No tabs!!!

Whoaa!!!  This is GREAT.  Click on that image to see the wonderful texture of the paper and the equally wonderful nature of the cut.  We're starting to get the hang of using this eCraft!

Either I am easily amused or this is REALLY FUN!   (Hmmmm... probably BOTH!)


Denise O'Connor said...

Tom, so far I have tested several papers using the cardstock stabilizer and no tabs with much success. Remember the tabs are there really to prevent the cut from falling into the roller system, so at this point, I believe that if you are using a cardstock stabilizer, you don't need tabs at all! I am going to test this out with some more papers, but I think we are really on to something here.

Tom Meeks said...

I think you are right. I really haven't had a failure with tab density set to 0 with paper over cardstock.

The Peace Sign is a good test since the parts in the middle are cut out first and can float around without tabs if there is not a carrier underneath.