Thursday, September 16, 2010

User setting for Cutting Speed

Cherice95405 had a problem and a husband.

Wait!  I can see that you are getting the wrong idea from that sentence!!!

The problem was NOT her husband. 

SHEEESH!!!  You guys are ALWAYS jumping to conclusions, aren't you?

Cherice's problem, that she posted on the eCraft_Crafters Yahoo Group was that she was unable to cut text reliably on the eCraft digital die cutter.  So, she complained to the nearest person she could find, her husband.  And, rather than simply walking off oblivious, as I have a tendency to do, he actually LISTENED.  (Something my wife would claim that I do NOT have a tendency to do.)

Cherice calls her husband her "IT Superhero".  I added that he is also my "ANALYTICAL superhero" because he went snooping to see if their was a way to solve her problem.  He found it in the same place I found the name of the company that is currently responsible for developing eCraftShop... the eCraft's configuration file.

The file is in the same directory where eCraftShop is installed.  It's called eCraftShop.exe.config and it provides a way to customize how the machine works on individual machines. It's an XML file.  So, it is easily edited with a text editor.  However, I would caution anyone that wants to edit that file that you should make a backup copy before doing so just in case things don't go as planned.

Look for the key word "CuttingSpeed" and you will find that it is set to 700 by default.

Cherice's husband slowed down the cutting speed by changing the value from 700 to 500 and she reports that she is now able to cut the characters that she was unable to cut previously.  I've encouraged Cherice to badger her husband to sign up to the eCraft_Crafter's Yahoo group.  We NEED his brain.  

I love inquisitive people!    Nice job!


bisaac said...

Can you post your version of CraftShop.exe.config. I can't find the "CuttingSpeed" parameter in my file. I have version 2.0 installed.

always in it said...

Is there any way to get a hold of an earlier version of the Ecraft software which is mentioned in this post? I opened the craftshop.exe and was unable to save the change mentioned in this post. I desperately need the machine to slow down as it is tearing through my paper too quickly because I have very simplistic designs with very few nodes.