Thursday, September 2, 2010

Software Introduction at Purple Paper Paradise

The software arrived at a tough time for me.  For the past year, we have been dealing with defending my wife's elderly parents from a sibling that seems not to be content to wait for an inheritance to get her hands on their assets.  Hopefully, we are nearing the end of this ordeal.  But, we have 3 hearings from today until Tuesday.  And, that is enormously time consuming and mentally exhausting.

Fortunately, others are doing a great job of analyzing the new software and creating videos for you to see.

So, hop over the Purple Paper Paradise and watch the videos.

I will try to put some together over the weekend.  A Denise has found, this software is a start.  But, it has a long way to go before we can praise it without reservations.  So, we will follow two tracks.  The first track is to help you use what IS there.  And, the second track we will use to try to help Craftwell come up with an orderly list of developmental priorities so that the most critical broken or missing items get the highest priority.

There is one thing, in particular, that I would like to find out from those of you that have the software and try to import SVG files.  The behavior I am going to describe is intermittent.  But, I think it may be a driver problem.  Sometimes when I attempt to import a simple SVG created in Inkscape, the cutter starts on the shape and then slows to a miniscule crawl, never completing the cut.  At other times, with other shapes, it cuts just fine.  I'd appreciate hearing from you about your own experiences in this regard.


Carolyn said...

Hi Tom,
I don't own an eCraft but read all your posts with interest. I also thank you for listing my blog as a noteworthy site.
Anyway I do use Inkscape and wondered if it may be worth saving as plain svg instead of Inkscape svg to see if there is a difference. It may not make a difference but I think a while ago I saw this posted as a solution when a person had a problem importing Inkscape svg files into another program.

Tom Meeks said...

Thank you. I tried the suggestions; but, the machine stuttered even worse. This evening I will create a video that shows what it does.

Sooner or later we'll figure it out.

And, there is a REASON your site was included! Noteworthy says it all. :)