Thursday, September 2, 2010

eCraft Driver on a Windows7 (64-bit) Computer

Everything that I test will either be on a Windows7 - Ultimate (64-bit) or an XP Professional machine.   I can't guarantee that the drivers loaded onto my machine for the COM port are the correct drivers.  But, they are the drivers that Microsoft Windows 7 THOUGHT were the right drivers and they at least allow me to cut.  When I first loaded the software the driver, for whatever reason, failed to install correctly.

The name of the driver on my machine is Silicon Labs CP210x USB to UART Bridge (COM3) 

The settings are the defaults.

When we click the Advanced Button, we get some more information about the driver settings.  Again, these are the default settings.

The third tab in this dialog box reveals the date of the driver, which in my case is 7/21/2010.

But, selecting the driver details reveals the most useful information for those whose drivers have failed to load correctly.  If gives us the files and the locations of those files.  If your is failing, you might want to check for these files. 

This tab isn't all that interesting.  But in the interest of showing all the tabs, it's included.

And, the same is true of the last tab.  It may be that you might want to uncheck the auto power off.  But, only if you suspect it's giving you problems.


I could not cut when I first installed the software.  I knew not to connect the cutter before installing it.  So, that wasn't the issue.  And, I tried, several times, to unplug and plug in the USB cable without success.

So, I went to the System Device Manager and found that the device driver WAS loaded.  But, at the time it was 'not working correctly' for whatever reason.  It will be found under "Ports (COM & LPT)

I made sure the eCraftShop pro was closed and the eCraft was turned off.  Then I deleted the entry.  I cannot remember if I rebooted or not.  But, once its was deleted I attached the USB cable and turned on the eCraft.  At that point, Windows 7 went searching for the driver for the eCraft and installed it correctly.

Now, I THINK this is the correct driver.  But, I have not seen any other machines and Windows could have found a close match.  I am having some problems cutting SVG files.  And, it's possible that it's a driver issue. 

I'm a software developer.  I don't claim to be a hardware guru.  So, take this post with that in mind.  It's at lease worth a try for you.


Ruthie said...

Hiya Tom - I did more or less the same as you - plugged in my cutter and then went in search of a driver - and came across the silicon labs one as well. However, Julie (I think!) told me that she had had this issue and that Craftwell explained that the drivers are in the machine already (Hope I am getting this right) and that the issue was the order I did things. SO - now I cant remember which way round it was meant to be - open the software and then plug in my cutter, or plug in my cutter and then open my software!!!! Whichever it was, it was opposite to what I had done! I then had to go into virtual cutting grid, settings and make sure only one coms port was clicked. From that moment on it worked - I had to just go in and do it again when I came back to the machine later in the day (it had been unplugged and turned off in between). Dont know if this helps to shed any light on anything at all?


Bernie said...

Hi Tom
I've just been through the drivers thing just to check each detail incase anything was amiss! I did the same as you and searched online for my drivers as failed to install the one provided with the install. My details are all exactly the same as yours and just in case I ran an "update driver" and it seems to be the only correct one! So I think we are all in the same boat!

Tom Meeks said...

Happy to see that both of you are up and running. It's was not as easy as it should have been. But, we did it. And, in the end, THAT is the important thing.

Brandy said...

I am so frustrated because I cannot get the software to even open. The machine works fine off the SD disk but I bought it so I could use the software to cut my own files.

I've contacted craftwell already as well as uninstalling and reinstalling multiple times per the various instructions (the email directly from craftwell conflicted with the manual on-line that I downloaded.

The driver details on my computer (Windows XP) show CP210x USB to UART Bridge Controller (COM11) Silicon Lab but it's dated 12/16/2004 driver version

Craftwell said to call and they'd walk me through the installation but I called for several hours to the extension given to me and just got voicemail each time and no return call (I only left one message, so I wasn't a crazy person leaving escalating messages).


Cazzy said...

Thanks Tom,I couldn't get the software to cut but I searched for this driver and downloaded and installed it, then let Windows look for it and now I am cutting with the software, mashing the card but attempting to cut I should say.

Tom Meeks said...

Brandy, I'm sorry that I somehow missed your comment. I hope by now that you have things up and running.

Cazzy, I'm happy to hear that you are up and running.

Drivers are always tricky; but, I hear that Craftwell is adding support staff so I hope they are now picking up the phone more frequently.