Sunday, September 12, 2010

eCraft Owners Unofficial Bug and Feature Reporting

Dear eCraft Owners,

This is NOT an official Craftwell or eCraft project.  We're simply setting this up until Craftwell sets up their own official communication and reporting forums.

As promised in an earlier article. I have set up email addresses to capture your observations about specific areas of the eCraftShop software.  Hopefully, we can have assigned 'moderators' to check a specific email address daily for your messages and check to see if they can duplicate the behavior.  If they can, they will forward it to me and I'll then I will post them to the appropriate 'sticky' message on the blog which will be available to users, eCraft and the developers.  We'll invited the eCraft and the developers to ask questions at that same email address for clarification which the moderator will forward to you.

Until an eCraft forum is set up, this seems to be the most focused approach to gathering information from users.  Here are the email addresses.
TextTools@createandcut(dot com)  (Text and Keyboard Tools)
LineTools@createandcut(dot com)  (Line and Curved Line Tools)
ModTools@createandcut(dot com) (Eraser, Flip, Kerning Tools)
ShapeTools@createandcut(dot com) (Shapes and Library Tools)
SVG@createandcut(dot com)  (SVG Issues)
Rendering@createandcut(dot com) (Cutting and Drawing)
Performance@createandcut(dot com) (General Performance Issues)
Interface@createandcut(dot com) (General Interface Issues)
Lastly, there are multiple ways for you to communicate to Craftwell.  We felt like it might be important to have one that functioned in a "Letter to the Editor" roll.  We will periodically post these letters on the blog.  It is up to you whether these communications include your name or not.  If you want to include it, put your name in the body of the email.,  If not, do NOT include your name in the body of the email and that includes any automated signature information.  If you don't want it published. remove it before sending your message.
OwnersVoice@createandcut(dot com)

Of course, there are rules for ALL of these email addresses.

No profanity.  No abusive language.  We reserve the right NOT to publish an email that we feel is inappropriate for public consumption.  We WILL block senders that ignore these rules or otherwise become too annoying.

We will disable these email addresses, except for the OwnersVoice, once Craftwell has established their own forums, etc.

These addresses are live right now.

If you would like to moderate one of these addresses or If you have difficulty reaching one of these addresses please email me at
tmeeks@createandcut(dot com)  




Ruthie said...

Hey Tom - have emailed you - ha ha - should have read this post before I emailed you!


Tom Meeks said...

I go the email! :)