Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The eCraftShop Pro User Manual is now online

The manual for eCraftShop Pro can now be downloaded from Craftwell's web site.

Or, you can simply click on this LINK TO THE ECRAFTSHOP PRO MANUAL

We're getting closer!!!

This is going to be good news for those that have not purchased an eCraft as yet.  Now, you can explore the features of eCraftShop Pro via the user manual itself.

From the looks of it, the software is very, very basic.  From the manual it is impossible to see how intricately one can manipulate a path.  Hopefully, this is simply an overview of the control structures.  I'm certain it is not meant to be a comprehensive 'hot to' document.


Ruthie said...

Thanks for that Tom - downloaded it - and yes, it does look really basic. I think that I will be doing any designing in Inkscape and then using the software to cut, so am not as worried about functionality. I have some SVGs just sitting there waiting to go!

I guess the software will be useful for when you want to do something quick and basic. I wonder if the designers working for craftwell used this software to design on?

I had a look at the files that came on the SD card and they are just .bin files - so a really basic binary file (but hey, you know that bit!).

I was vaguely wondering if I could convert the svg into their file format (using their software) and then add them to an sd would save space on my laptop but (perhaps more importantly) would mean that I could take designs with the machine and not have to connect up the laptop to cut.

Oh well, not long before I can answer that question I guess!

Hope you saw that Monkey has been resurrected!!! Yep - you got me back good and proper for that "so there" lolx


Tom Meeks said...

Yes, the only real functionality that we absolutely need is a reliable SVG import.

As for the SD idea, the only SD chips that can be used are the ones supplied by Craftwell. We cannot store any images on our own SD chips and have it read them.

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