Wednesday, September 1, 2010

There Aren't Many Times When I'm Speechless

But, this is one of them.

Through more trials then one should have to go through to load a new piece of software I have eCraftShop Pro up and running.

I said, well before the release, that we were going to have to be patient with this first version.  And, that was accurate.  I have many observations.  But, I don't want to make them immediately after the frustrations of trying to get the software up and running.

So, I will refrain for now, providing any critique of the program itself.

But, I will make some suggestions for Craftwell and for those of you that have not, as yet, downloaded the program.

.RAR File Format

Advice to Craftwell:  PLEASE replace the .RAR file with the more common .ZIP file format.  It will save you countless support calls.  Since XP, the Windows platform KNOWS about ZIP files natively.  It does not have a clue what a .RAR file is.  Save the .RAR file format for the Mac version.

Advice to Owners:  Find WinRAR and install it BEFORE you try to  download eCraftShop Pro.  It will save you a ton of grief.


Advice to Owners: Do NOT start eCraftShop Pro before plugging in your eCraft machine and turning it on.  Windows7 (64-bit) owners may find that they have to 'fix' the drivers.  Follow Windows advice and let it find and install the latest drivers.

If you go into eCraftShop Pro and it will not cut, then the COM port is not configured correctly.

Installation on 2 Machines

Notice to Craftwell: I was having trouble, at first, getting the device driver to install correctly on a Win7 (64-bit) machine.  So, knowing that my license allowed for 2 installs, I tried to load it on an XP machine.  When I tried to use the same Key I'd received it told me that it had been used.  OK, I'll go get a second activation.  OOOPS!  No I won't!  It told me that I'd already gotten an activation key.

So, the second install was impossible.

Fortunately, I was finally able to get the drivers on the Win7 machine to load.

The software is up and running and I made a single cut before coming up here to alert everyone to the pitfalls I found while installing.

Everything else will have to wait until tomorrow when I have some more time to reflect on priorities in the review process.


Ruthie said...

Hi Tom

Hope everything works out as it should for you and yours.

Yes - I experienced the whole of that lot I think! Luckily I googled re RAR files and then hubby came and helped me pick a programme to download. AND my ports were wrong - and were wrong again today too - hey, looks like I will live with this one for a while, but now I know the fix I am not bothered.

My other issue was a bit dumb - I THOUGHT I had registered - yes, I registered the second time (as per the email instructions) but mistook "I" for "1" on the serial number - so spent ages wondering why I couldnt see the activation button - doh!

I am going to play around with some more SVGs and will let you know if anything shows up that helps.


tina said...

Great I read this after I hooked up my machine with the software running, do you know what drived I need? I am getting nothing when I connect.

Tom Meeks said...

If you are using Windows 7, you may see a little flag with a red 'x' at the bottom right of your screen. This is windows telling you it has an issue. If you find that, click on it and look for something that talks about a modem issue.

In my system, clicking on that fixed it. It's worth a try.

tina said...

Thanks for the quick reply!!
Not using windows 7,I am using xp wish I was and it could be fixed that easily.
Good to know I am no the only one who is having trouble. I have never had this sort of thing happen & am usually pretty computer savy..oh well off to hunt for a solution :)

Tom Meeks said...

Tina, in response to my question about the drivers, Paul wrote me and said that they are working to provide the drivers seperately. If they do this then you can install the driver without messing up your eCraftShop Pro installation.

I would keep an eye on the facebook page to see if they post a notice there.

Tom Meeks said...

Ooops! Forgot.

I will be trying an XP install myself if I can work out the issues with the keys. If and when I do, I will be SURE to watch my steps carefully for you.