Monday, September 6, 2010

An SVG I Have Yet to Get to Fail

TinaScrapbooking, from the eCraft_Crafters Yahoo group has uploaded an SVG to the files section for the group that I have tested and have yet to get it to fail.  It looks like this when imported into eCraftShop Pro.

The file itself is quite complex.  And, that this is puzzling thing.  The Inkscape version was 0.46 and that may be a factor.  But, no matter what I tried... multiples...

And, even resizing and warping!  I could not get her SVG file to fail.

One thing is clear when you start digging in the SVG file format.  For a "standard", there sure seem to be a lot of variations exhibited from file to file! 

At any rate, thank you, Tina for finding or creating a file that consistently works.  This, along with a file that consistently does NOT work, should help the developers a LOT!

Again, this file can be found in the Files Section of the eCraft_Crafters Yahoo Group.  It's called Scallop Circle.SVG

1 comment:

Ruthie said...

Hiya TOm

Have tried cutting the scallop - no problems
The crw minimal - cut triangles, failed on circles
Imported the svg minimal - again, cut triangle failed on circle.

Have you tried the flowers?