Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Wonderful Ending to the Funtime Software Yahoo Group Experience

Concurrently with my writing my criticism of the Yahoo group for Funtime Software, the moderator of that group was writing me one of the most gracious and kind replies I have ever gotten from someone whom I'd criticized.

First, she asked me to come back, and then, instead of being defensive about their policy, let me know that my email to the moderator had convinced them that the policy might be a bit too stringent.  Since policies are developed over time in response to issues that come up I can certainly understand that.  There is a bit of a pendulum effect.

But, what I want to communicate here is how impressed I was by her spirit, attitude and gentleness in communicating that they had heard what I had to say.  What more can anyone ask than that?

So, of course I am going to rejoin. 

How could I not, with a moderator that is that committed to listening to her members and who responded so kindly without a hint of defensiveness.

I certainly won't be posting blatant sales links; but, she knows that if a person is looking to solve some problem and I know the solution and the best place to find it, that I AM going to communicate it.  That, after all, is what "community" is all about.  And, certainly, at the very heart of community is reconciliation.

I'm happily off to rejoin.

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