Saturday, July 31, 2010

eCraft Videos starting to Surface

This new video of the eCraft at the CHA Summer 2010, showed up this evening. It was uploaded by Cindy Echtinaw of and runs about 2 minutes. The interesting thing that comes to light in this video is that the Print-Then-Cut feature, at the moment, apparently does not do a fill.  This is understandable since the drawing is done using a simply ball-point pen.  The trick, therefore, if we want to Print-Then-Cut is to design the drawings FOR a ball-point pen style.  If we want solid colors then layering objects is probably best.

However, the spokesperson showing the machine in action seemed to hint that in the future the drawing capabilities might be enhanced.  There is a bit of a loud retort from what sounds to be another eCraft employee when someone makes the suggestion that you have to watch for the paper tearing.  Look for it.  It takes several replays to catch on to what is happening.  :)

Our thanks to Cindy and all those that are posting images and videos.

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