Tuesday, July 27, 2010

First Videos of CHA 2010 Reveal the Cricut Imagine

I was alerted to The Purple Paper Paradise Blog which, brings us a brief "first look" at the Cricut Imagine based on what appear to be the very first videos released to the web.

I'll wait until we see more before commenting.  But, conspicuously absent are any live demos of the machine.  We HEAR about the machine in the videos; but, we don't see it actually printing and cutting.  Perhaps we'll see that in later videos that get posted.

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Lysa said...

Hi Meeks,
Yes I agree, The imagine is lacking. First and foremost I should not purchase it because I can't use it for any original graphics. You can't even scan in a basic picture of family and trace around it. So right there I am done. I can do that with the wishblade. I just have to set 4 or 5 cut lines because the cutting force is only about 300 gms of pressure and it has a hard time cutting through photo paper. Ok that being said and now that I am on the fence. How come we are not seeing any ecraft vids yet? Let us know if you find any. Have a great night!