Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Don't Expect me to be too hard on eCraftShop Immediately

There is one rule in software that has always been true and will always be true.

No matter how hard a company might try, software is never fully tested until it gets into the hands of consumers.

That is because developers, and those astute enough to be selected as alpha and beta testers, know what NOT to do.  Lurking somewhere out there, ready to buy an eCraft, are people that do NOT know what NOT to do.  And, they are going to do it. 

I expect to be one of them.

"Gee.  I only tried to make 1000 quarter inch circles spaced 1/200th of an inch apart.  Why ain't it working?"

So, this post is to put everyone on notice that even if I find MAJOR flaws in eCraftShop software, version 1.0, I will only point it out.  I will NOT join any chorus of those roundly denouncing it as "garbage".  Hopefully, there will be no need for ANYONE to say that.  But, it's important to realize that software design and development is an evolutionary process involving positive feedback and responses to that feedback.

I'll give you a relatively recent example.

Canon supplies the Digital Photo Professional (DPP) RAW format processor with every SLR camera.  Frankly, the first time I used the first version I was appalled and stuck with PhotoShop.  But, I kept coming back to try it with each revision.  And, now I've come to LOVE that product.  It is the only thing I now use to process my digital images and it's wonderful.

Expect to hit some glitches as we put the new software from eCraft through it's paces.  But, let's also be fair and constructive.  Of course, patience will have its limits.  If it isn't a fabulous product by version 3.0 then we'll have good reason to gripe.

But, for now, let's cut them some slack.  I know I will.  One can be honest without being harsh.

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