Friday, July 30, 2010

eCraft - Dressing up the Digital Die Cutter

While we didn't see it on camera, one of the things that was alluded to in the video that Leo Kowal, of, shot was that the eCraft could be used with fabric.

Craftwell has posted three dresses built from fabric, and other materials, cut by the eCraft.  Each dress is created using different materials from glitter paper to wood veneer.  The one we show here was created using hundreds of 1-1/2" glitter paper discs.

I won't steal their thunder by showing the other dresses.  To see the others and an explanation of how each was constructed, go to eCraft's Facebook page.

This versatility was the promise that convinced me to pre-purchase an eCraft.

Up to now, the bulk of the buyers for digital die cutting machines purchased them for their scrapbook projects.  The eCraft promises to open up whole new creative possibilities and markets.  From what I've seen of the creativity of the scrapbooking community, I'm betting that a whole new explosion of creativity is about to burst forth in all directions.

You guys have the ideas, dedication and skills.  I can hardly wait to see what you do with this new tool!

Get ready for Lift-Off!


Denise O'Connor said...

These are all so amazing! My mom is a quilter so I can't wait to show her this! Or maybe I don't want to...she will probably ask me to cut fabric for her all the time! I can barely wait to hear what Kim is going to be sharing with us in the ecraft group!

Lysa said...

Hi Meeks,
The dresses are so cool. I am chomping at the bit for you and all the other ecraft buyers to get them and use them. We will all benefit from the comments you and everyone else makes. Please try and cut as many types of papers and materials that you can. Do you think the ball point pens will write on cotton muslin. If so I would use that for embroidery projects. Something like a writing a name or drawing an outline and then I would stitch over it. I am taking another hard look at the ecraft as they look great on the video and adding the pressure setting and multi cut capability are great features. Keep us posted. Hope you get it really soon!

Tom Meeks said...

They are cool. But, what makes them even cooler is that they demonstrate that digital cutters are beginning to expand their usefulness beyond the obvious and into new territory.

I can already see that because of this versatility that I will probably be purchasing at least two more so that both of my daughters and myself have one.

And, count on me to be willing to test just about any material that will fit under the cutting head. I do not mind putting equipment at risk to see what its limits are. I'm willing to spend money to help a wider community. My tests of microscope cameras for home schoolers and parents cost more than $1,500.00 and it was well worth it for a lot of families. It turned out that in a field of $300+ cameras, a $49.95 microscope camera was the best of the lot for the majority of applications.

So, count on me not to be afraid of thinking out of the box when it comes to materials.

The embroidery idea is great! And, Denise, the secret is to tell your mom that the eCraft will cut the cutest things for her grandchildren. Grandparents are willing suckers when it comes to buying things for their grandchildren! I'm an easy mark; but, my wife is the REAL pushover! LOL!