Friday, July 30, 2010

First Video of the eCraft from CHA by SVGCuts.Com is run by great people with great attitudes.  And, their staff is very proficient in both digital photography and video.  So, I'm VERY pleased to see that they have posted the first video that I have been able to find of the eCraft in action at CHA Summer 2010.

The great thing about this video is that they thought to bring their own SVG file to test!

The other thing of note about this video is that it reveals the changes to the head assembly in a nicely detailed way.

There is one strange quirk in this video.  Look at this screen capture.

Is the video flipped horizontally, or is he driving from the right side of the car and not the left? 
It's a mystery that I shall chase down with all vigor!!!


The entire video was shot by Leo Kowal of with his cell phone camera.  Great video for a cell phone!  If you are interested in using SVG files with the eCraft, then is THE place to visit.  What drew me to the site was how encouraging Leo was to the members in being helpful to them with their own photography.  Leo is a great photographer and I was immediately impressed not only by the quality of his advice; but, his willingness to go the extra mile to be helpful.  I'm very happy to have found that great site... in spite of the fact that I am equally glad I wasn't on the same road with him that day.  Talk about multi-tasking!!!!  Wow!


Denise O'Connor said...

Tom, I am laughing right now because I thought that too! Driving in that area is scary enough without driving on the right side!

Tom Meeks said...

The scariest part is that he's driving, holding up a Flash drive and video recording all at the same time!

I suspect the first segment was shot with a cell phone having front & back video pickup. But, it was worth mentioning. A lot of movie fans LOVE to spot lack of continuity in films and this is a similar exercise in spotting anomalies.

There was a LOT of work going on in that car... aside from actually driving!

Leo Kowal said...

Haha! Great post Tom! You had me laughing out loud! Glad you are a part of our forum :)

Tom Meeks said...

Notice that I said you were a great photographer and NOT a great driver!!! :o

Great shot of the Flash Drive, though.

I'm happy to be a member, too. The spirit of the SVGCuts community makes it the kind of place in which I like to hang out.