Saturday, July 3, 2010

Blogs having information about the Craftwell eCraft

I will update this particular entry as I find new independent sites that you might find helpful as you do your homework regarding purchasing a new cutting machine.  In particular, as we wait for actual eCraft machines to be delivered, I will try to locate sites that seem to have some independent experience and views.

The following sites are well worth checking out.

Kim Bush is really excited by the potential of the eCraft cutting machine.  Kim apparently runs the Cutters Creek Store and has experience with a wide range of cutting machines and software.  So, she seems to be in a great position to give straight talk about the relative merits of both the hardware and the software from Craftwell.

I keep returning to her site and have joined her Yahoo group dedicated to those interested in the eCraft.

I was pleasantly surprised to receive some interesting documentation regarding the software, etc. along with my greeting.

There isn't the same level of information.  But, Nicole Bouche (Nicki) seems to be actively keeping in touch with the eCraft team and promises to create some videos immediately after the first units ship.

This blog comes to us from the UK.  She is an expert Robo user.  And, talks about the months she spent learning to use the Robo, which she now loves.  This promises to bring us some very valuable insight into the software and relative ease (or not) of learning to use the new eCraft.  She seems to be a beta tester, so this is a site to watch as the beta testers are released from their non-disclosure agreements.

Obviously, no sites have definitive information at this time. But, the above sites seem to be trying to do their best not only to pre-sell the eCraft; but, to ferret out every scrap of information they can.

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