Monday, October 11, 2010

Robots, Robots Everywhere! The eCraft and Robots!

One of the great things about being a part of a community of crafters is being able to enjoy the vast differences in direction which human creativity can take us.  Recently, I've been enjoying the work of Australian, SusanBlueRobot who publishes the SusanBlueRobot Blog.

I love the quirkiness of her creations.  The best way I can think of describing it is thinking OUTSIDE the box by thinking INSIDE the box!

Using tree found on the eCraft Fundamentals #1 SD that comes with the eCraft digital die cutter she created this card.  Of course, no tree is complete without a few robots enjoying it!

But, using this very same eCraft Shape, she has also created this sliceform 3D tree.  Imagine a party table adorned with various sizes of these wonderful trees!

SusanBlueRobot may be the first person to post an image of a sliceform.  And, in doing so, she has paved the way for an unlimited world of 3D art using a digital cutter with NO LIMITS TO LENGTH.  Because the eCraft uses ROLLS of materials, as well as sheets, sliceform art of larger dimensions is possible.

Here are some samples of sliceform works that might inspire users to consider designing larger sliceform installations.  They can be found at this link.

In the process of exploring sliceform, I ran across the blog of an amazingly prolific crafter that specializes in creating and selling sliceform designs.  Perhaps the most useful way to introduce you to her work is to link to her video page.  Here is the first video on that page.    JennieBeanCrafts Videos

I want to thank SusanBlueRobot for sending us off on a great adventure.  I can tell you that she got instant rave reviews on the eCraft_Crafters Yahoo group and deservedly so!  So, be sure to drop by her blog and see why everyone enjoyed her work so much!


SusanBluerobot said...

What a love wonderful write up you have done on me . Thank you soo much for your kind words.

cpeep said...
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cpeep said...

I dabble a bit in sliceforms. My software/hardware combination of choice is Sketchup using the sliceform plugin and then cut with Craft Robo. What's your take on Ecraft vs. Craft Robo?

(For 2d create and cut, and print and cut, I use Corel, which can cut directly to Craft Robo. Wonderful!)

Extreme Cards and Papercrafting

Tom Meeks said...

You deserved every word of it, SusanBlueRobot! Every word!

CPeep, I'm intrigued by the SketchUp capabilities. If you have a blog or article about how you do your sliceforms or want to submit an email that I can post I would love to do so and give you credit for the article.

I don't know much about the Craft Robo. But, I understand it is a real workhorse. Right now, of course, the limiting factor with the eCraft is a lack of solid software. But, hopefully that will be corrected over time.

I personally think it is a mistake not to allow a digital cutter to be driven from a wide variety of software. But, I don't own Craftwell. :)