Monday, October 11, 2010

Cutting Chipboard Video at Nicki's Cardstock Creations

A lot of people have asked me about cutting chipboard.  Chipboard is such a generic class of materials, I could not confidently say that the eCraft would or would not cut the kind of chipboard preferred by most crafters.  I have to reply on the label on the material and the only paper I had with the 'Chipboard' label would NOT cut.  In fact, it acted more like sandpaper and simply dulled the blade.

I do NOT think that is the material most crafters mean when they ask about 'chipboard' so I'm going to defer to the experts.  There is a new video on Nicki's Cardstock Creation blog that shows how well the eCraft actually DOES cut chipboard.

Chipboard Video

By the way, she reveals one other thing about the eCraft's console controls.  If you hold down the arrows when selecting the shape from an SD card, it will swiftly go through all the choices!  Now, why didn't I think of that???


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Tom Meeks said...

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