Thursday, June 17, 2010

The iPhone App Tells Us Something Important

About 2 minutes and 18 seconds into the video embedded into my last blog entry, the person demonstrating the eCraft software begins to introduce the iPhone app.

One's first reaction might be, "Who the heck cares? I don't have my machine when I'm walking around."

But, that misses a HUGE point. It's about the spontaneity of creativity.

If you need a cutter, then chances are you have a very creative brain.  And, if you have a creative brain, then chances are that brain comes up with creative ideas any time it feels like it.  The iPhone app is an instantly available playground for when your creative brain suddenly wants to play!

And, while that, in and of itself, is a wonderful thing, it tells us something about the brains behind the eCraft product.  At least it tells me something about the eCraft management team.  It tells me that they know you and me.  They KNOW we are creative and spontaneous people and they went that extra mile to deliver that little something just for our creative brains when we aren't sitting at a computer.

And, it also tells me that they value my time and your time.

How many of us have long commutes by public transportation?  How many of us have long waits in doctor's offices, etc.  I venture to say that a lot of us do.  eCraft has provided us with something to bring our creative brains alive and active during those long commutes and waits.  And, that is just the beginning.

I'm in my sixties.  But, I want my brain to stay as young as possible throughout my lifetime.  So I try, as much as possible, to THINK YOUNG.  I'm very excited by the prospects of being able to share design ideas with my family, from my daughters to my granddaughters, through my iPhone and the eCraft web site, no matter where I am.  

I can just imagine my granddaughter coming up with a special shape for Pop-Pop and sending me a message by phone to check it out.  And, me being able to view her special creation and then, together, share a moment of creativity while 100+ miles separate us.  Why do you scrapbook and I take hundreds of photos?  I'm guessing that it's because we want to share and savor memories from generation to generation.  The iPhone app allows us to MAKE memories as well as share them.

I find that to be very, very cool, indeed.

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