Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Create it and Cut it - New freedom for Crafting

If you are or have been into cutting paper into shapes for craft projects, you probably already know about a new player that is just about to roll into town.

I'm talking about Craftwell and what they will be rolling in is the new eCraft cutter.

A quick search on YouTube brings up videos that show various prototype models beginning in July of 2009. Why has it taken a year to deliver it into stores? Well, my sources, who have closely followed the development up close and personal, say that it was because Craftwell was determined to do it right as they left the gate. And, right now, I'm content with that answer.

The important thing is that they are getting ready to ship and from all indications it's going to be an excellent product.

Having said all that, I need to stop and explain WHAT I am NOT and WHY I am still interested in a product that I only recently discovered and have never seen in person.

First I am NOT into crafts or scrapbooking. It's not that I don't appreciate those quests. It's just not something that I've put any time at all into doing. I'm also not an artist. My daughters and granddaughters are both. And, THAT is enough to make me not only interested; but, VERY interested.

I am technical. They are not.

I am a teacher. They need teaching when it comes to technical challenges.

So, at least in part, I am interested in the eCraft because I want to be able to help my daughters and granddaughters use such a wonderful tool with as little frustration as possible. More importantly, as far as this blog goes, I want to help ALL those that might purchase an eCraft to be able to enjoy it with as little frustration as possible. So, I'm going to let you piggyback on what I learn in my quest to help my family members.

How do I expect to be able to help them.. and, by extension, you?

The first is by providing videos that explain the things I find as I try to learn the Professional version of the software for the eCraft. I have a great deal of experience in doing this. My blogs related to some 3D design software packages that, unfortunately are no longer published, were very popular all over the world. I know this because people sent me many kind emails.

I expect to enjoy this adventure as much as I enjoyed that adventure.

The second way I hope to be able to help all eCraft owners or potential eCraft owners is by thinking outside the box when it comes to using the eCraft. In this regard, NOT being the traditional user of a cutting machine has distinct advantages. I have NO idea what CANNOT be done. So, I'll just try to do it! And, then, let you know what I've found.

Here are some things I have planned. Creating 3D Jewelry might be fun to try. How about creating forms for clay molding? Or, what if we try to build up a sculpture by layering paper or plastic? Since the eCraft boasts of being able to cut some relatively thicker stock, why don't be try some 3D puzzles?

The important thing is that this machine can be computer driven and THAT means it can be MIND driven. And, THAT is going to be the primary focus of this blog.

The one thing I will NOT do is to cut and paste press releases from eCraft. I might LINK to them. But, I will not insult your intelligence by pretending to write something I have not written. So... now I can't wait until I can get my hands on one!

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