Tuesday, August 16, 2016

An New Blog for A New Crafting Artform - IdeaRoom3D

If you are/were a follower of this blog, you know how much respect I have for the crafting community.  You also know of my passion for 3D design and printing.  From the day I began to blog about 3D printing I fully anticipated that someday the craft and 3D printing world would find that tipping point where they converged.

I think that time has finally come.

What was needed was a low cost 3D printer that could produce prints in materials that were well suited for crafting and some way to colorize and beautify the prints.  The low-cost 3D printer has arrived in the form of the M3D Micro, which can print in a variety of materials, including flexible "Tough 3D Ink" in a variety of colors... including clear!   With flexible materials we can create personalized bracelets, designer barrettes, custom pins and faces for stuffed animals!  It's a wonderful new material.

M3D Micro 3D Printer

And, a way to bring the prints to life with full color has arrived with the Craftwell eBrush  airbrush system!

Craftwell's eBrush Airbrush System

I have tested the eBrush with M3D's flexible materials and with their ABS-R.  I am certain it will also work well with PLA.

I have started a new blog that will be devoted to exploring the M3D line of printers with an emphasis on creating crafts.  And, I'm very happy to be blogging about Craftwell products again. 

The new blog is called "IdeaRoom3D".

 The reason behind that name, is my belief, from years of experience in 3D printing, that ANY room can become an "Idea Room" with the presence of a 3D printer.  There is something about having the ability to turn abstract ideas into physical reality in 3D form that unleashes creativity in a very dynamic and powerful way. 

Want to ask you to join me in my new IdeaRoom3D blog to see if 3D printing is in your future.  The crafting community is THE most creative community that I know.  But, it's more than that.  It's also a wonderful loving community because that is why you do what you do.

I expect that a lot of groundwork needs to be done before most of you will be ready to invest in a 3D printer.  So, be patient with me as I explore how to create appealing items that enhance your current creative work.  Designing in 3D is certainly one hurdle.  But, I have found a site that can turn our familiar SVG files into 3D objects and, believe it or not, I find using my favorite 3D design application even easier to use than Inkscape.

Going from 2D art to 3D art is a journey that we can take a step at a time.  And, i can assure you it's going to be a LOT of fun!


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