Monday, January 9, 2012

Same Community - New Direction!

Well, it's not really a new direction for me.  But, it will seem so to you.

You know that my heart has a passion for creative people like you.  And, I hope that you know that I REALLY want to do those things that will be a positive force in your ability to show your love through your creative skills.

I was first drawn to electronic paper cutters because of my desire to support my daughter in her art.  But, along the way, I learned a lot about a wonderful community of people that go out of their way to personalize their expressions of caring for family and friends.

Frankly, I've felt a bit guilty about essentially abandoning eCraft users.   The first impediment to continuing to explore the eCraft was an unfortunate and exhausting court battle into which my wife and I were forced to protect her elderly parents.   Then, by the time the court case was over, my daughter's artistic interests had returned to sculpture. 

But, to be honest, the real reason for my not picking up where I left off was that my real passion, when it comes to creative tools, is in 3D, not 2D.   It is something that has long fascinated me.

For many years I have dreamed of personal 3D printers becoming a reality.  In fact, I started several blogs on 3D software and 3D printing long before the eCraft was introduced.  And, now, what I have longed for so many years is finally a reality.  In the last few days, 3D Systems as announced Cubify, the first 3D printer for the home.  Over time I think it is going to of very great interest to many of you.

So, I am going to devote some serious time and energy to introduce the arts and crafts communities to the vast potential of 3D printing to permit you not only to make 3D objects for use in your projects; but, also customized tools that will free you to design, make and use your dies to emboss and cut.

For now, however, let me just point you to the only videos that I have found so far related to a product for which I am VERY excited! 

So, yes, I'm back.  I hope all of you that expressed so much appreciation for my eCraft videos and observations will tag along as I go in a little bit different direction.  If you do, I can promise that it going to be a fantastically interesting ride!


After initially posting this entry, I came across a brand new video from the Consumer Electronics Show that shows the Cube 3D printer at work!  I think this will clearly demonstrate why I am so excited about this new product and web site.


Shelley Noble said...

Much less expensive, much larger print area, are you sure you haven't seen the MakerBot Replicator?

Bre Petis has been as excited for this moment as you all these years.

Bea said...

Good to see you back on the creative blog - looking forward to the info you bring

Jani Lewis said...

Very interesting. I have been making my own SVG files for a little over a year now, but I never heard of a 3D printer for home use. I will anxiously await more information in the future. Thanks for sharing.


Tom Meeks said...

Hi Shelley,

As you have pointed out, Makerbot is also making a HUGE splash with their machine. Their products are excellent.

It's a very exciting time as we see all these machines coming of age!

The build area of the Replicator and the two heads are a real step forward. Nice!

Tom Meeks said...


That you for those kind words. I'm very happy to be back doing something to contribute to this fabulous community of creative people.

This is going to be FUN!

Tom Meeks said...


You have an AWESOME blog!

Just beautiful!

As soon as I can do so I plan to obtain one of the Cube printers so that ALL of us, TOGETHER, can learn what it can do to enhance the things we love to do.

jean grey said...

It's great to know that you are fascinated by the new world of technology - 3D printing. Just needed a help do you know any 3D communities where I can join in order to know more about it and even learn about the design process.

Jean @